File Splitz! – The Fastest Split / Join Utility

Software Description:

File Splitz! is a Windows utility program that will split any file into smaller pieces of any size and later combine the pieces to form the original file. Split large files (of any size or type), then easily rejoin with the use of this software. Easily break up large files (no limits, splits any sized file) for copying to floppy or sending via email, as anyone can recreate the original file with this software. File Splitz! is very useful in solving number of problems such as …

Suppose we need to transfer a file from one stand-alone computer to another. Then we have the option of either writing data on a CD or using a floppy disk. But if the stand-alone computer doesn’t have a CD - Writer then there be a big problem how to transfer data? So the floppy disk is often the only possible means for transferring the file, but if the file is larger than 1.44 megabytes, it won't fit on a single floppy. Here File Splitz! simply splits the file into smaller pieces, and then copy the pieces in floppy disks and transfer it to another computer and easily reconstruct the original file.

Many email systems place a limit on the size of the attached file with an email message. What if you want to email someone a file that is larger than the maximum size of attachment? Here File Splitz! Splits the file into pieces smaller than the maximum limit of attachment which makes it easier to email the individual pieces and allows you to reconstruct the original file after downloading all attachment pieces.

Advantages of File Splitz! over existing file splitters:

  • File Splitz! is a freeware.
  • Split any large files to any size specified.
  • Allows splitting and rejoining of any sized file, there are no limits in size of file.
  • Able to handle very large files.
  • Can split any type of file.
  • Optionally deletes all pieces after rejoining.
  • Runs on all versions of Windows
  • Does not disturb the Windows Registry.
  • Alert and also help user if any error occurs.

System Requirements: (for running)

  • Intel (c) 486/66 MHz or higher.
  • Microsoft (c) Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4, 2000, XP or 2003.

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