Software Description:

UltraDiary is an electronic multimedia diary.

Are you are still living in the dark ages with your pen and diary?

Why not write your diary on the computer with UltraDiary?

Keeping a diary is an important part of the daily life of many people. It describes activities, thoughts, and wishes. Some of the content is shared with friends, but most is kept strictly private.

Until recently such a diary could only be kept in a written form, either in a book or possibly as files on a home computer. A number of web sites allow you to share diaries, but most people value the privacy of their thoughts.

Now, UltraDiary offers a new way. UltraDiary is a Personal Computer application that will run on almost any home computer.

UltraDiary allows you to write all your diary entries on to your computer or laptop.

Think about the security you have now, you don't have to worry about your family or friends looking through your personal thoughts.

With UltraDiary, you can preserve all of your best memories in an electronic diary that stores entries in writing, pictures, favorite songs, videos or other personal files that you want to keep safe. You can even record your own songs or voice messages into the diary. You can insert virtually anything from the web.

Thanks to UltraDiary, your memories can last forever! With UltraDiary, you will hopefully share all these memories with your family and share everything about your life with your children someday, first hand and up close.

UltraDiary allows you to capture every aspect of your life (text, audio, video, pictures, graphics) and offers complete privacy of contents due to the use of encryption.

UltraDiary offers you the following features:

  • Complete privacy of contents (no snooping by family or friends thanks to password protection)
  • Ability to attach pictures, audio files, songs, voice recordings, video clip files (Virtually anything you want to record for that given day)
  • Record the daily journal with your own voice and attach it to any given day instead of using the keyboard.
  • Email an entry or a day’s journal directly from UltraDiary
  • A contact list to keep an organized list of your friends, their telephone numbers, emails, URLs, birth date, and other information for quick reference
  • A search feature to allow you to search your diary entries for words or phrases.

You can also attach any or all of the following to each page for each day:

  • Additional text
  • Pictures, photos, other images - scanned, clip-art, obtained from a friend or downloaded from the Internet
  • Music clips - attach a clip of a song you heard on that day
  • Video clips
  • Miscellaneuos Files
  • Voice Recordings

Download our free trial today and experience first-hand why you should make UltraDiary your No.1 Diary program.

Should you have any questions about UltraDiary, please feel free to contact us.

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